AHC Season 8 Time Rewind Real Eye Cream for Face 30ml

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  • Improves signs of aging around the eyes
  • Suitable to use on laugh lines, neck and forehead wrinkles.
  • Provides fast absorption by applying ultra-fine micro-treatment method (1/400 size of pore).
  • Collagen and antioxidants help protect the skin
  • Quick absorbency and temperature sensitive polymer technology
  • Dual function: whitening & wrinkle improvement
  • Human-like collagen (water-soluble collagen) replenishes skin elasticity.
  • AHC Exclusive antioxidant component Bioxicose
  • Strengthens the skin with more powerful ingredients


Reduce dark circles, reduce laugh lines, neck and forehead wrinkles


30ml/ tube

Country of Origin


How To Use

Eye Treatment
After doing your morning and evening washing up, smoothen your skin texture with the toner. Once that is done, dispense an appropriate amount of The Real Eye Cream for Face and tap it lightly onto the rims of your eyes while gently spreading it around to help it absorb.

Facial Treatment
After washing up in the morning and evening, in the last skin care step take an appropriate amount of The Real Eye Cream for Face and apply it evenly to your entire and let it absorb into your skin