Lemona Gyeol Collagen Powder (2g /sachets)

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  • LEMONA 2 Months Supply Nano Collagen Powder Lemon Flavor + Vitamin C 2g x 60 Cp
  • Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical 'Gyeol Collagen' is generally well known together with collagen that has 1.5 times faster and 2-nano fish and Vitamin C collagen products in water absorption, contain low molecular fish collagen easily absorbed quality increased the body absorption of collagen, also a refreshing lemon flavor powder form as well as taste and potency is a good product. With taking 1 sachet of it, add vitamin C to help the skin health of the women.
  • Gyeol Collagen plays a great role in preventing skin aging according to it serves to support a connection cells constituting the skin and muscle.
  • Also it would be good for both the fact that the younger the age of the vessels know, collagen serves to actively help ensure good blood circulation the movement of blood vessels.
  • With age aging process speed faster. It is to be aging quickly coming to a rapid aging in the case reduce the amount of collagen.