FPX – Online Payment Gateway. Partnered with Ipay88

We have successfully come to an agreement with Ipay 88 to set up FPX – Online Payment Gateway on https://thebeautibae.com/ and now we are officially partnered with Ipay88. Starting from today there will be another new payment method available at checkout which is FPX(IPAY88). 


What is it about Ipay88/Who is Ipay88?

Ipay88 is a leading and award-winning regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. Ipay88 provides platform for direct online payment which this service/platform may be known as FPX Payment.

FPX Payment (Financial Process Exchange) is a secure online payment gateway system that allows you to make real time online payments by using your existing current or savings account. With this feature your skin & beauty care online shopping would be much easier to be completed with just a few clicks! You may make the payment quicker and more convenient than the other payment methods available and also it gets your order confirmed faster.


Appendix 1

Beautibae & Ipay88 Payment Gateway
Select "IPAY88' to make direct payment online.


Appendix 2
Beautibae and Ipay88 Malaysia Payment Gateway FPX

After selecting "IPAY88", you will be directed to this page.


Appendix 3

Beautibae Ipay88 Malaysia Choose Bank and Pay

Expand the "Select Bank" arrow and choose your bank to proceed for the payment.


To summarise, simply choose FPX(IPAY88) as your payment method, choose your banking service provider, log in your bank account and make/authorise payment. Participating Malaysian banks include Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Bank Islam etc. With this feature you can easily place your order with this payment method to authorise the amount and wait for your beauty care products to be delivered to your doorstep.


Is E-Wallet payment method available?

Other than online bank in through Malaysian banks, Ipay88 is so convenient that they also allow payment by E-Wallet! Current E-Wallets available are Touch n’ Go and Boost. Simply choose the E-Wallet and select either Touch 'n Go or Boost then you may choose to make the payment either by scanning the QR code provided by the next screen or log in your E-Wallet account online. Pay with E-Wallets to earn points in E-Wallets Platform and also in our store!

Appendix 4


Appendix 5

Beautibae & Ipay88 Malaysia E-Wallet Payment Gateway FPX

Click "eWallet" and choose your E-Wallet service provider to proceed for the payment.


Happy shopping!

P.S. Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card function is still not ready and it will be ready soon. We will make another announcement for that when it is ready.


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